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Coming Soon For The First Time in South India

Days of Operation

September-March Subject to weather conditions


1 hour Hot Air Balloon Flight Total tour takes 2-3 hours Before sunrise and before sunset.

Price Per Person

General: Rs.9,000
Members: Exclusive discounts for members upto 40%.


The Ride Experience

Have you ever wondered what it is to fly high? Like a free bird and have scenic view that is straight out of a painting. Here at Deccan Aisports we can make your imagination meet reality. We have FAA certified pilots and aircrafts who have over 10000 hours of flight time under their belt and amazing professional staff with outstanding safety records who will make your hot air balloooning adventure an unforgettable experience. Deccan Airsports boasts as the only airsports company of its kind in whole of south india.Our fleet of balloons ranges from size and can accommodate 4- passengers at a time. Mesmerism ,mystique, and exhilaration will fill every vibrant moment of this elegant adventure.


Prepping Your Ride

We welcome you at our pre-dawn check-in with refreshments. The pilot will give you a brief orientation on hot air ballooning and prep you for the ride. After the orientation you will be taken to the launch site. As your heart starts to race expecting the adventure ahead, you will be greeted by the professional crew prepping your flight. The roar of the burners, the constant humming of the inflator fans and the lively colored balloons will be your warm reception. Our well trained and skilled staff will ensure your safe and comfortable launch.


Mesmerising View

Once you are lifted from the ground below, comfortable in your cockpit with the burners roaring, then silence takes over. Gently, the balloon lifts you into the early morning breeze that peacefully carries you above lush greenery between the mountains and finally over the clouds. The only question that you will be left asking yourself “Is this what heaven looks like?”. As you drift in the ocean of the sky, like the wind, you will experience what could only be described as freedom, as peace. From the tree tops to the most magnificient Bird’s Eye veiw, your experienced and knowledgeable pilot will become your host and will give you the tour pointing out the local points of interests and extra ordinarily beautiful views. The pilot will welcome any questions you have during the flight i.e if you can manage to get your eyes off the view.


Post Flight Celebrations

Once earthbound again, your flight is celebrated with Deccan balloons where you will receive your certificate of hot air balooning and a selfie picture taken with the captain during flight. The flight with us will last an hour but the memories you make in this adventure will last a lifetime.